360 degree Burns

August 14, 2009
Why didn’t somone tell me this can happen!


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Assasins Creed 2-Limited Edition (Black Edition……No im not being racist)

June 12, 2009
After assains creed 2 was anounced at e3 the limited edition of it anounced with a special edition black box and a limited edtion ezio figure which is released on the 17th of november
The aswome figure of Ezio that comes with the bundle

The aswome figure of Ezio that comes with the bundle

 The source Kotaku also had a inside look at the box

Called the “Black Edition”, the limited edition box set will ship in “black packaging”, and come with a “unique authentic holographic signature”. Whatever that means.

Included will be a “64-page finely crafted leather style hardcover and parchment-finish” book, which has stuff like concept art and developer interviews, a copy of the game’s soundtrack, an Ezio action figure (pictured), some “behind-the-scene interviews” and 3 “in-game bonus quests”.

Its so amazing its a must get for me but with the price of £70 thats duble the regular price….. 

The 7th Gen Console Set complete!

June 12, 2009

Yes my long quest for all 3rd gen consoles is finally done with the arrival of the my xbox 360 2 weeks ago

I bought it of ebay for 230 but really only 180 because i sold a bunch of games for 50 as the guy who sold it to me bought mostlly kidde games as it was intened for his 6 yr old son…..although i dont see how his son was playing assains creed?

Anyway the xbox was well packaged ad came quick so im glad

The xbox packed nicely