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The Nintendokid100 Reviews Logo

The Nintendokid100 Reviews Logo


Hey,well for those who dont know i own a youtube page were i use my channel to do nintendokid100 reviews.

nintendokid100 reviews

I started off jus puting animations on there but as time went on i got more into the comunity and learned of reviews on there,then it was just random stuff but as i viewd my idols page (actar-here) i grew more into review digimon,transformers,and r4 hacks.Now i review tons of stuff!Like….

Digimon Reviews

Gaming Reviews

R4 tutorials


The funny thing is i didnt find my place right away,i tried…..

Random Talks

Crazy Reviews

Gaming lagoon testimonials

and alot more too embarassing stuff….(see on my page)

But eventluly i did find my place with reviews and moved from the floor to a desk,got a logo,banner,backgrounds and alot more exprensize so after a few reviews i got the hang of it and went from my first season to the second with more……

Transformers reviews

Figma reviews

Geass reviews

Replica reviews

Lucky Star Reviews

And a bunch more!

I have alot more reviews on my page (79 the moment i posted this) and alot more to do and see ,im almost always online so drop me a message if u want or add me on msn (
Im not as good as the rest but im working on it

So watch a few and even subscribe if you like them (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!) i do a new video evrey week and a new blog post evrey week and a half so check back and stay tuned

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