Lightsaber chopsticks

May the pork be with you

May the pork be with you

 Some may say there pointless,but all starwars fans will agree with me this is amazing !

The starwars lightsaber chopsticks are well desgined replicas of 3 of the best charcter’s lightsabers ,Darth Vader,Yoda and Luke,there are 3 sets (obviosly 1 for each character) each costing 1050 yen (around $10) each set containg 2 lightsaber chopsticks that are ethier red blue or green depending on which one you order,and because the light sabers are from a certian charcter its desgined as a replica to match te ones they weild in the movie,for example yodas lightsaber handels are smaller than lukes and vaders.

They are a bit pricy for cutlery but the detial put into them makes up for it,besides there light sbaers in the form of chopsticks .You can find them at hobby search for preorders for $10

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