Negima Crash Course(Some Spoliers)

April 12, 2009
Negima Rulezz!!!!!!!!!!!Go Asuna!!!!!!!!

Negima Rulezz!!!!!!!!!!!Go Asuna!!!!!!!!

Well my first crash course went well ,i watched 13 hours fo animes in 2 days,well actully 1 day cause both of those days i slept at around 5-7 and woke up at 2 so yeahhh

It was an a amzing series ,couldnt get enough of it the last 4 eps are so amazing,unexpected a great storyline,the thing that happens with asuna at the end heart breaking ,i was so not expecting them to go back in time .The series is so full of comedy yet it was so heartbreaking at the end ,some of the erliar eps are so funny

Also i loved all the pactios at the end,i kinda thought yue was ,seriously weird ,you tell she liked him but in front of you best friend……..that cross the line

Defintly watch the series if you havent its amazing ,and Asuna its now 1 of my fav charcters in the world,its a comedy about a 10 year old boy who goes to teach at a 13 year old girls class,its amazing defintly watch it

5/5 stars

Now onto Negima!? Although i cant find a place to download it………..But stuff the live action drama