Conection Terminated

March 11, 2009

Simple as the title ………..this is gonna have to be a short 1 seing my position (if u dont know what i mean ull  get it by the end of this post.This is a long explanation for all my apolagize and things ive missed during the last month or so .

Ok.Ever since around 20 of JAN my internt has been down due to my dad canaling the internet as we were supposed to move ,but alas we didnt ,because the buyers are still being god damm anyoing ,we are stuck here with half of our stuff out of the house and no internet .But as my dad tried to cover it up this is the facts i was given

1.We canceld the phone as we had no neeed as we all had mobiles ,fair enough

2.the same company that manages our phone is our internt provider so our internt was “acidently” caneled with it

3.We waited 1 week to find out my dad lied and we have no internt and we wont have any

4.My mum bought some mobile broadband that takes 10 min to boot up and we only have it for 30 days and are restricted to no downloads or uploads

5. we find out we are allowed downloads and uploads

6.the next day my dad takes the camera and i cant make a vid but manage 1 download

7.The internt goes down and i have3 no acesse to it for 10 days


And here i am now ….using a public comp at my tutor center and have no acsess to images ,my mum is geting a replacement but its not gonna work for 24 hours ……..sigh

I am really sorry for all my fans blooging or youtube but i am trying my hardest and my end of april ill have a house and internt and ill be up and running again ,but if you wish to contact me or anything go ahead ill just rply a while later.


Agian sorry and now to be happy as im off to play my ps3