DS I white out side

DS I white out side

DS I black outside

DS I black outside

Yes you hear write it a new ds realeased in 1 month time in japan yayyy and booooo (im not in japan ahhhhh) but the new ds is called ds i and its more like the wii I myself will be geting the newer model but i will still hopfully keep the old model the ds I will be realsed in white and black on realse date for $180.00 (use a curreny changer) wich is $70 dollars more than the orignal ds lite you can find all the info at but you ll have to change it to read it aswell as its good sides it has only 2 bad sides 1 being NO MORE GBA SLOT so go buy your gba /sp back (i still hav mine), and the other the price but the ds I includes

– SD Slot
– Internal storage space
– Two built-in cameras (3MP & 0.3MP)
– Music player (seems like a built-in Play-Yan)
– Bigger screens
– Slightly thinner than the DS Lite
– Just ONE Touch Screen (Same as DS/Lite)
– Built in web browser
– “DS Ware” to be available for purchase (including free apps/games like the Apple App store)
– Will be available in Japan on November 1st for $179.99
– A new firmware and DS Channel/App interface
– Mii support on DS

so what ever you think of it just comment so anyway think about getting it cause its not coming out until spring: (

DS I white outside

DS I white outside


3 Responses to THE NEW NINTENDO DS WILL ARRIVE (in 1 month)

  1. freeaddicting game…

    To do this, go……

  2. ryand367 says:

    lier it is comming out in 2009 in america and it will have a GBA Slot I read in the new Issue of GameFormer

  3. actar says:

    The old R4 won’t work, but they have already cracked this new DSi’s code.

    Get set to buy another one. (-.-);

    But I will stick to getting the English version, despite having the Japanese version already out in local stores. I want the photo editing software to be in English. (^.^)

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