The First Post is always priceless

September 26, 2008
Konata Izumi Cosplay Ver.Figma (Not mine)

Konata Izumi Cosplay Ver.Figma (Not mine) Thanks for sticking by me :)!!

Hey guys welcome to my first post and i already have great news for you all first i just want to thank you for sticking by me and second welcome to the blog.An d now the great news i got 1 of the only coppies in the world ……….Konata Izumi Cosplay Version from WonderFest 08 .!!!! no i didnt go but i got 1 of ebay so yeah cool right also ill be doing a competion soon when i reach 100 subscribers (like that will happen) i m gonna give away 1 of my figures or possible somthing fro japan so get as many people to sub as you can and thanks for listen by and come back soon.